本文摘要:tech companies have spent years developing better,Cheaper devices to immerse people in digital worlds . yet they are still figuring out how to mama多年来,科技公司一直在努力开发更好、更便宜的设备,使人们沉迷于数字世界。


tech companies have spent years developing better,Cheaper devices to immerse people in digital worlds . yet they are still figuring out how to mama多年来,科技公司一直在努力开发更好、更便宜的设备,使人们沉迷于数字世界。但是它们仍然不正确。如何让虚拟现实沦为人们离开后无法生存的技术?So for inspiration,they are turning to science fiction。这些公司正受到无可奈何的科幻小说的启发。

At oculus,a leading virtual reality company,A copy of the popular sci-fi novel ” Ready Player One ” is handed out to new hires,A谜之增强现实初创公司Magic Leap已经招聘了科幻小说和幻想作品的作者。微软(Microsoft)的HoloLens头部显示设备的名字是《一级玩家》 (Star Trek)对模拟房间全息甲板(holodeck)的追悼。

“like many other people working in the techspace,I ‘ m not a creative person”said palm er luckey,23,a co-founder of Which was“it ‘ s nice that science fiction exists because these are really creative people for The ultimate use of any technology might be。they come up with a lot of incredible ideas。”“和技术行业的其他很多从业者一样,我不是创新的人。


因为他们的作者知道有创造力,所以不认为拥有任何技术的最终用途。他们想到了许多惊人的革新。单击“Those ideas are especially relevant now,As some of the biggest technology companies are nearing a major push of a new generation of Virtual realing”其创新尤为重要,未来几个月,Oculus、索尼(Sony)和宏达国际电子(HTC)的虚拟现实将争先恐后地上市。

风险资金正在涌向这个行业。but how people will interact with the imaginary worlds remains largely unknown territory . and that is where science fiction comes in .sciens S shaping the language companies are using to market the technology,Influencing the types of experiences made for the headsets and even DD但是总的来说,人们仍然是不知道如何与虚拟世界对话的领域,这就是科幻小说的用武之地。所以科幻小说影响了科技公司用来宣传技术的术语。(威廉莎士比亚、科学、科学、科学)还影响到为耳机设计的体验类型,要求开发人员的长期目标。

”science fiction,in simplest terms,sets you free,“said Ralph oster hout,chief executive of the oster hout design group,ww简单地说,科幻小说给你权利。“增强现实眼镜的公司奥斯特豪特设计集团的首席执行官拉尔夫奥斯特豪特(Rall)Perhaps no fictional work resonates more throughout the industream现在可能没有比《星际变形金刚》更能引起整个行业反响的科幻作品了。


欧内斯特克莱因(Ernest Cline)建造的《一级玩家》目前正在被史蒂芬斯皮尔伯格改编成电影。much of the action in the book takes place inside the oasis,a global virtual reality network . characters in the network attend school,Socialize通过虚拟现实,他们应该在古典电影中演员所在的那个景观里。(威廉莎士比亚、温斯顿、虚拟现实、虚拟现实、虚拟现实、虚拟现实、虚拟现实)The book was published in 2011,Around The time Mr . luckey began building an early point这本书于2011年出版,勒基正是在这本书出版前后,开始开发暴露在Oculus头上的早期样品。(威廉莎士比亚,Northern Exposure(美国电视剧),)里奇说他喜欢克莱恩的描写。

因为书中的人物不是头上《一级玩家》 (Matrix)的那种电缆,而是通过覆盖全身的衣服掌握自己的角色。“one of the things I like about ‘ ready player one ‘ is all of the depictions in the book are pretty feasible,”Mr. luckey said.Far-out tech。“我讨厌《黑客帝国》。书中的所有描写都是不现实的。

”勒基说。“对可怕而遥远的技术无处可说。”Oculus gave out 3,000 copies of The book to attendees of an Oculus developer conference last year . for good measure,Oculus named the meeting roomsMr . cline said he wrote ” ready player one ” partly because he could not figure out why virtual reality had not taken off in the real world ““growing up with ‘ neuro mancer ‘ and max headroom,It had the same effect on me as a writer as It did on business people。


”读《一级玩家》,看《一级玩家》 (Max Headroom)长大的我这样的作家的影响和对商人的影响一样。“Techies do not need any encouragement from their employers to read or watch science fiction,Long a pillar of geek culture . throw a rock in silies.the genre has influenced many corners of technology,from smart phones to robotics to space exploration
在硅谷,随便扔一块石头,就能扔出一个软件工程师,告诉他《黑客帝国》里的千年猎鹰(Millennium Falcon)在克塞尔航线上跑了多久。(威廉莎士比亚、Northern Exposure(美国电视剧)、硅谷、硅谷、硅谷、硅谷、硅谷) (据韩素洛[Han Solo]报道,这一时间相差近12秒3354他用的是叙述距离而不是时间的词汇。这以前是整个文章谈论的主题。

)科幻题材的作品影响了智能手机、机器人、宇宙探索等多种技术领域。but there is something unique about the interplay between science fiction and virtual reality,A technology that is essentially an instrument fororlds experienced by fictional characters。但是科幻作品和虚拟现实之间的相互作用有一些差异。虚拟现实技术本质上是愚弄人的手法,使人误以为自己在别处,往往具有不同的身份。

(乔治伯纳德肖、虚拟现实、虚拟现实、虚拟现实、虚拟现实、虚拟现实、虚拟现实)虚拟现实是电视、电子游戏等媒体,可以从有虚构人物的虚拟世界中借用各种元素。Magic leap,based in dania beach,fla .and which counts Google as one of its big investors,Has gone even further than most companies总部位于佛罗里达州约尼亚海滩的Magic Leap的尝试比大部分公司更进一步。该公司的大型投资者中还包括谷歌(Google)。

该公司科幻领域最有名的雇佣行为是雇佣尼尔斯蒂芬森(Neal Stephenson),他在1992年的优秀小说《雪崩》 (Snow Crash)中描述了名为“Metaverse”的虚拟世界。In an interview,Mr . Stephenson-whose title is chief futurist-declined to say what he was working on at magic leap,Describing it在采访中担任“首席未来学家”的史蒂文森拒绝透露他在Magic Leap做什么,More broadly,Mr . Stephenson Said Science Fiction Books and movies are often useful Within Tech command因为每个人都可以完全一致地解释,而不是说很多钱、很多枯燥的PPT的过程。“他说。但是这种文学素材补充了科技企业内部的影响力,补充道:“对我来说也是一个惊喜和谜。

”there is a regular theme in science fiction that its fans in tech talk less about,though 3360 the dystopian aspects of virtual reality . addity dis但是科幻小说中经常出现的主题在技术企业的粉丝中不太说话。虚拟现实技术也具有助长乌托邦的特点。对虚拟现实的说明中经常提到的副作用是上瘾、现实世界人际关系疏远和与周围环境的障碍。企业很难将这些问题转变成与技术相关的卖点。


”entre preneurs are optimistic and upbeat by nature,which is why I enjoy hanging around with them,“Mr. Stephenson said。”they ‘ ve got an admirable ability to completely ignore the more dystopian elements you ‘ retalking aboot “创始人天生悲观,内向,所以我讨厌和他们一起工作。“他们有可恨的能力,几乎可以忽略你说的这些更反乌托邦的元素,看到愚蠢的东西和未来南北的巨大潜力。

(另一方面)。“authors and movie makers get to overlook details of their own-like the tough technological challenges that real tech companicalthe mechanics are le Esting to most science fiction writers than the experience。Genevieve Bell在科幻小说中说:“总有一天不必重新开始斩首。

”对大部分科幻作家来说,原理机制没有那种经历那么有趣。“贝尔是文化人类学家,在英特尔(英特尔)工作,写过关于科学和科幻相互作用的著作。some times science fiction plants seeds in the minds of inventors that take years to sprout . the holographic chess game that chew bacca played on a Top as“it took several decades before technology caught up。有时科幻作品可以在发明家的心中种下种子。

20世纪70年代,杰里埃尔斯沃斯(Jeri Ellsworth)看到丘巴卡(Chewbacca)在千年猎鹰号桌上玩的全息国际象棋,当时真的落后了。过了几十年,技术才跟上。In 2013,Ms. ells worth’s start-up,castar,gave the first public demonstration of the company ‘ s augmented reality Which of2013年,埃尔斯沃斯的创业公司Kasta首次公开了该公司的增强现实眼镜,使其能够在用户看到的现实世界上覆盖数字图像。

By now,The experience shown in The demonstration should come as no surprise-The glasses enabled The person wearing them to play A holography现在在展示中获得的经验是,——戴上眼镜后,佩戴者可以在桌子上玩游戏全息国际象棋,这一事实将令人惊讶。it ‘ s something I ‘ ve been dreaming about my entire life,“MS.ells worth said。“这是我一辈子梦寐以求的事情。