本文摘要:apple is expected to unveil its latest device,the iphone 6s (or 7),on sep tember 9 in what should be a sigh of relief for investors苹果将于9月9日公布最新型手机iphone 6s(或iphone 7)。


apple is expected to unveil its latest device,the iphone 6s (or 7),on sep tember 9 in what should be a sigh of relief for investors苹果将于9月9日公布最新型手机iphone 6s(或iphone 7)。过去一周股价波动的投资者当然在叹气。CEO蒂姆墨发誓中国的经济困难会对该技术巨头的销售产生负面影响,但就在几周前,苹果的股价仍然高于115美元,高于近52周以来的最高点134.54美元,尽管股市上周四出现了强劲的波动。(比尔盖茨,Northern Exposure(美国电视连续剧))At least some of the market punishment seems unique to apple . investors are worried about thewhich is why the new iPhone is crucial for apple to restore investors ‘ confidence,and there ‘ s a good chance it will for several reasonsthe phone will have a 12 megapixel camera,a big increase from previous versions;4k视频记录;Faster processing speedLonger battery life,which many users consider to be an extremely important feature,according to multiple studies cited by tech insideranimated wall paper like the apple watch and Android phones;the ability to detect when a Wi-Fi network is weak and automatically switch to cellular;And Wi-Fi calling over att,previously limited to t-mobile。

该手机可以享受近落后一代的1200万像素摄像头、4K视频录音功能、较慢的处理速度和较长的电池寿命(据techie称),该手机能够识别出更好的Wi-Fi网络信号,并在这种环境下自动转换为蜂窝网络。这一代手机的wifi通话功能也反对ATT的网络,以前仅限于T-Mobile。but what ‘ s expected to be the most important new feature of all : force touch,A technology that enables A device to distinguish between light该技术允许设备识别用户轻微而严重的触摸屏,并分配各种功能。

它已经建在苹果watch和mcbook上。如果该技术应用于新的iphone,与操作者的简单性和功能实用性相比,它可以成为追赶上一代的AS特征。an improvement to the user experience has always been at the heart of apple ‘ s success with new models and the force touch feature can provide this Ce to the user experience在苹果最重要的市场中国,增加销售量的因素很多。

(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视),创)感动也可以帮助苹果维持在亚洲市场的地位,据悉中国的竞争对手华为将在智能手机上销售类似的功能。another factor working in apple ‘ s favor is that while the company may have a hard time out doing its block buster sales for the iphone 6,New equipment当然,在6台iphone顺利运行后,苹果的业绩可能很难再上一层楼。但是无线网络运营商获得的新设备分期付款程序可能不希望用户销售新的iphone。


Sanford c . Bernstein analyst Toni sacconaghi estimates that about 14.9 million u . s . customers will be eligible for upgrades at the end Compared斯坦福伯恩斯坦的分析师托尼萨克纳什预测,约1490万美国用户可以在今年年底之前升级手机。据《华尔街日报》透露,去年秋季发布iphone 6时,该数字为530万韩元。Finally,even though Apple continues to trail Samsung in terms of world wide smart phone sales,which fell in the second quarter of 2015“it ‘ s a big brand and people really associate that wit Tus and it ‘ s kind of an aspirational brand so many of the consumers in China expect to own an最后,苹果在全球智能手机销量上没有达到三星,但2015年第二季度销售额下降。



“Some words of caution here . apple ‘ s new product launches are always surrounded by hype and predictions that don ‘ t always come true.en how good the final product will be and,of course,how many people will buy it . in addition,analyst expectations could be inflates As to但是在这里也要提醒大家。苹果的新产品一直都在吹,但这种成就并不总是构建的。最后公布的产品有多好,有多少人不愿意计算,需要拭目以待。

另外,与上一季度一样,分析师的预测也可能过低,华尔街最终会以挫折告终。None the less,given the importance of the new iphone as investors add pressure on apple ‘ s stock,It ‘ s a safe bet that the company is goingstay tuned for September 9th。尽管如此,投资者仍对苹果股价施加巨大压力,9月9日确实是值得期待的一天。