imperial college London and Chinese telecoms provider Huawei are planning a research partnership in which academics and business experts join forceImperial College London与中国电信设备供应商华为(Huawei)从学术和商务领域的专家那里建立了研究伙伴关系,其中包括The venture,which has uk government backing,WAS Formally Announced on Tuesday With The该合作项目受到英国政府的反对,于今年2月公布。帝国学院院长Sir Keith O ‘Nions和华为企业集团首席执行官徐文伟签署了合作协议备忘录。the two parties will spend a year working on the outline for a joint research and development hub,based at imperial ‘ s new campus in white city web双方将在一年内制定一个框架,领导伦敦帝国大学位于伦敦西部白色城市(White City)的新校区的研究和开发中心。

研究中心还可以用于向公众展示预计集中在能源、医疗、生命科学等方面的数据技术革新。news of the collaboration comes in spite of concerns raised by a parliamentary Committee last month about Huawei ‘ s close integration in the uk mununter上个月,英国议会某委员会对华为对英国通信基础设施建设的深度应对感到担忧,但这并不影响华为和伦敦帝国大学的合作。the intelligence and security Committee found no evidence that Huawei was being used as a vehicle for cyber espionage,But said British authorities英国议会信息安全委员会(Intelligence and Security Committee)没有找到华为,美国众议院信息委员会已经主张华为将威胁包括在美国的国家安全中。

Announcing the plans,Huawei ‘ s Mr Xu Said he was ” very excited ” about the partnership,Which he hoped would’ reinforce ‘华为的序言委员会在发表合作计划后回应说,与伦敦帝国大学的合作“非常兴奋”,并期待为此“进一步”。Sirkeith Also Welcomed What he Said Wouldbe A ‘ Long-Term Collaboration。